Sedating dog with benedryl

The first question you should ask yourself before giving this medication to your dog is how much Benadryl can I give to my dog?The dosage can vary from one dog to another depending on age, weight and medical history.

Your dog can exhibit these symptoms because of several reasons, including insect bites, environmental allergies, food allergies as well as intestinal parasites.Diphenhydramine has many uses, the most common of which is for allergies and allergic reactions.Some pet owners have resorted to diphenhydramine to sedate their dog for traveling, thunderstorms, etc.Sleepiness is a common side effect which is why diphenhydramine is also the active ingredient in popular sleeping aids such as Sominex and Nytol.Benadryl is not yet FDA-approved for use in animals, but is considered quite safe when used correctly and with approval from your vet.The drug works very quickly, and you should see the outcomes within 30 minutes. Administer the medicine three times in a day, after every eight hours.


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