Sammy winward dating james sutton

Since her time on the show, Kensit went on to appear in Holby City and in 2015 she was part of Celebrity Big Brother.One of the reasons for leaving the show was because she found it hard to commute to Yorkshire where the filming was taking place.Affairs, murders, lies, tears and lots of drama, you name it, that was all part of one of the storylines that evolved the characters of the fictional village of Emmerdale.The first episode of the long-running soap opera debuted on October 16th, 1972 and until 1989 it was known as Emmerdale Farm.Shane constantly bullied Donna but was good friends with Ross.He bullied Donna due to her gender - a woman being in the police force - and also for being married into the Dingle family, who had a prominent criminal record.

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Terrified of the consequences, they leave the body and burn the car but feeling guilty, they eventually confess.

Let’s check out what some of our favourite village residents have been up to.

The sizzling 48-year-old started her acting days as a child star.

Shane Doyle, played by Paul Mc Ewan, made his first screen appearance on 3 January 2008.

Shane was introduced as a police officer and a colleague of Donna Windsor-Dingle and Ross Kirk's.


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