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suggest that the South, which trails behind the rest of the U. on a number of economic indicators, is the worst place to live in America.But disconsolate Southerners may take comfort in a totally different dataset released this week, showing that some Southern states are at the top of the list on one very different measure: Google searches for sex. Mac Innis and Gordon Hodson of Brock University found that residents of more religious and more politically conservative states -- often in the South -- are more likely to Google things like ‘‘sex,’’ ‘‘gay sex,’’ ‘‘porn,’’ ‘‘xxx’’, ‘‘free porn,’’ and ‘‘gay porn" than their peers in more secular states.Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner admitted today he had another extended, raunchy online sexual relationship with a young woman — just months after resigning in disgrace from Congress in a sexting scandal. Weiner insisted that Huma knew all the details of the new revelations and insisted it’s “behind” them. reported that Weiner used an anonymous handle — “Carlos Danger” — and exchanged sexually explicit photos and XXX-online sex with the 22-year-old young woman for six months. In a hasty scheduled joint press conference Abedin, Weiner said he will forge ahead with the campaign despite the latest sex scandal. Abedein said it took a lot of “hard work” and a “lot of therapy” to save their marriage after the sexting scandal.Since you have limited time to look for an affair, why not let married women come to you?Instead of clicking through other sites and spending hours looking at member profiles that don't get you laid, create your own ad in our personals section.Abedin, sometimes looking uncomfortable and stiff, stood by her husband. The Web site also ran the blurred image of the woman (below left).It was later matched by to an image of a woman whom it identified as “progressive activist” Sydney Leathers of Indiana.

I’ve used several different styles of profiles, from suited up and looking for a girlfriend, to the purely sexual one outlined in this article.

The authors look at two different groups: political conservatives and religious conservatives.

Political conservatism -- are highly correlated with searching for sex online, but not necessarily "non-traditional" sex.

In 2009, for instance, a Harvard researcher discovered a significant correlation between social conservatism and subscriptions to online porn sites at the state level.

Drawing on psychological research, Mac Innis and Hodson hypothesize that people who publicly suppress their sexual urges end up needing a private outlet for them.


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